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May 15, 2020

Honda is Launching the All-New 2021 Civic Soon Says Reports

It’s hard to imagine, but the current Honda Civic has been with us for five years now. Launched in 2016 to massive praise and success, it was refreshed just last year. That’s why when news came out that Honda’s launching the all-new 11th generation Civic very soon comes as a shocker.

Reports coming out of the now canceled Detroit Auto Show suggest that Honda would have used this as the venue to preview the 2021 Civic. True enough, when Honda’s product cycles are taken into account, a new-generation Civic is released typically after every five years, suggesting that the time’s ripe for the Japanese automaker to replace the highly-successful 10th generation model. Other reports suggest that Honda will wind down production of the current Civic, with end of production slated by the middle of 2021. It’s not known whether the current COVID-19 pandemic will affect these timelines.

The 11th generation Civic is not expected to be a large departure from the current 10th generation model. It’s said to ride on a carryover platform, and will even use the current model’s powertrain. Honda though will focus on the design. The new look is said to be sleeker and more understated than the current model. The solid wing front grille and C-shaped taillights are some details that may be changed in favor of something more subdued. Inside, it’s expected to benefit from a higher-quality interior with upgrades to the instrument cluster and infotainment screen. The push-button gear selector is also said to be under consideration.

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  1. hi I'm in the process now to buy the 10th generation rs civic .but should I wait for the 11th generation and my question is when will the 11th generation be released in manila if in 1 or 2 months I will wait for it and other question will it be the same price 1.615m pesos thank you


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