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May 21, 2020

Mazda Resumes Production, Vehicle Deliveries

With restrictions starting to be relaxed, Mazda has seen its dealers gradually restart their operations. As a response, the automaker has announced the resumption of vehicle delivery from their manufacturing plants from both Japan and Thailand. In addition, all their factories report increasing production numbers.

As not to overwhelm their sales offices or distributors with stock, Mazda is resuming vehicle delivery in line with projected demand, while also managing existing inventory at their plants, offshore, at ports, and even down at dealer outlets where they have previously suspended delivery.

Production at all of its facilities in Japan—Ujina (1 and 2) and Hofu (1 and 2) will operate in June without any expected suspensions. Meanwhile, their plant in Thailand, which produces the BT-50 and Mazda2, and Mexico, which produces models for the North American market will expect June outputs more than double the amount in May.

Having said that, Mazda’s overall production still hasn’t reached pre-pandemic levels as they cautiously ramp up production not just to meet demand, but also to continue implementing infection prevention measures.

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