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April 12, 2021

60 km/h Speed Limit to Stay on Elevated Portion of Skyway

If you’re hoping that the elevated portion of San Miguel Corporation’s Skyway would eventually increase its speed limit once construction has been completed, well, keep hoping. Apparently, the 60 km/h speed limit is here to stay. Indefinitely. This was said by none other than San Miguel Corporation Ramon S. Ang during a media roundtable announcing the opening of the northbound portion of the Skyway Extension.

In Daxim L. Lucas’s column in today’s The Philippine Daily Inquirer, San Miguel Corporation’s decision to keep the 60 km/h speed limit is down to safety given its rather unique variable direction lane scheme which doesn’t have any center divider.

Quoting Lucas’s Biz Buzz column:
“Ang explained that the traffic scheme for Skyway 3 was that of variable direction lanes that could be adjusted at different times of the day to accommodate higher volume of vehicular traffic that might be heading south during the morning, and the reverse in the late afternoon to early evening.

‘So eventually, when things normalize, you will see five lanes heading south and two heading north in the morning,’ he [Ramon S. Ang] said. ‘In the afternoon, it will be the reverse: two lanes heading south and five lanes going north.’

Ang explained that this variable direction lane scheme meant San Miguel would not be able to install concrete dividers along the center island as was customary in high speed tollways in the country. In fact, there will be no center island. Instead, there will be movable traffic lane dividers to facilitate the lane direction adjustments at different times of day (except for a few sharp turns where concrete dividers have already been installed.”
Ang goes on to say that 60 km/h is more than enough. And if you have the need for speed? Then take it to the race track; after all, the Clark International Speedway is now readily accessible given that the SLEX and NLEX are now interconnected via the Skyway Stage 3.

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