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April 12, 2021

The 2021 Volkswagen T-Cross Has Manila On Its Mind

With Volkswagen Philippines teasing the arrival of its new global sub-compact SUV, the 2021 T-Cross (arriving this second quarter, in case you missed it), their counterparts in Germany also seem to acknowledge that their new offering is perfect for Manila’s roads.

How do we know that? Well, it’s got to do something with the T-Cross’s available 17-inch alloy wheels. Made to fit 205/55R17 tires, these diamond-turned two-tone alloy wheels are 6.5 inches wide (6 ½ J). Now, we don’t know what Volkswagen Philippines will eventually call them, but officially, they’re called, “Manila.”

The Manila 17-inch alloy wheels can even be customized in certain markets with the silver portion of the wheel replaced with either Energetic Orange or Bamboo Green. It’s the same alloy wheel design seen in the top-trim Chinese market version (see photo above).

Now, apparently for the Philippine market, the T-Cross won’t just be made available with the Manila 17-inch alloy wheels. Based on another official Volkswagen Philippines press photo, it looks like the lower trim variant of the T-Cross will ride on 16-inch, 6-inch-wide alloy wheels with 205/60R16 tires. If they keep the global naming convention, this set is called the Belmont (see photo below).

Will Volkswagen Philippines call their new wheels, Manila too? What will its other features be? Well, the wait will not be long as the T-Cross is expected to debut within the next few months.


  1. Who cares what the name of those alloys are? What matters is that VW Philippines will do it right this time around with this offering or launching model from SAIC. Right in the sense with the price and specs or else this T-Cross will end up like another Lavida--hardly moving even with the huge price drop... so sad

    1. I never understood why VW PH had to source those China-only models. Filipino VW buyers are usually enthusiasts of the brand and are buying their cars specifically because they want a VW Golf, Jetta, Passat, etc. Mainstream buyers will never even look at VW as they'll always default to Toyotas, Mitsubishis , and other Japanese brands because they'll always be convinced that parts availability and maintenance costs will be a problem, regardless if it's true.

      VW may be a niche in the PH, but it was a solid one. The weirdest thing is that if they HAD to source from China, why not source the same Euro models? VW plants in China also manufacture Euro models like the Jetta, Polo, Golf, Passat, Arteon, and even the ID4.

      Whatever their thought process was, VW PH without a doubt alienated their entire market when they switched to the China-only marques. And it SHOWS, I've barely seen any Santanas, and Lavidas anywhere.

    2. People who loves VW also loves to burn their money.

  2. and they should increase their could count their dealerships in 2 hands. why would I buy a VW if it would be a pain in bringing my car for service when it is far. even in metro manila, their dealerships are not that many. I would rather buy a japanese car.

  3. It could only mean one factor that the VW T-Cross will succeed in the local market, Selling Price. If Ayala's management wants to fight for the compact SUV War then they have to lower the price otherwise it's like Tiguan nowhere to be seen on the road. A Waste investment.


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