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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The Chery Tiggo 7 PRO's Gearbox is Voted as One of the World's Best

Chery Auto’s CVT25 gearbox, found in the 2021 Chery Tiggo 7 Pro was awarded as one of the Top 10 Transmissions in the World. The recognition was bestowed by the China-based Automobile Evaluation Academy.

The fourth World Top 10 Transmission competition is the only authoritative selection in the field of transmission and gearboxes in China. The Chery CVT25 gearbox was shortlisted after the jury was impressed with its gearbox’s real world performance.

The shortlisting of the CVT25 gearbox demonstrates Chery’s strong R&D strength, and also confirms high levels of drivability of Chery products.

Equipped in the Tiggo 7 Pro, the CVT25 gearbox went through rigorous evaluation prior to its production. It’s known for its wide ratio range, efficiency, as well as low weight, NVH, and overall reliability.

This transmission integrates a series of advanced technologies such as independent hydraulic system, a new-generation push blet system from Bosch, high-efficiency vane pump with flow control, and low viscosity oil.

The Chery CVT25 is tuned to handle up to 250 Nm of torque which is sufficient for turbocharged 1.5 or 1.6-liter engines such as the one found in the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro.

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