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June 10, 2021

Confirmed: 2022 Ford Maverick Is No Go For Europe

The Maverick pickup truck won’t be on sale in one major market: Europe, where demand for pickup trucks is falling steeply.

While it arrives in U.S. showrooms later in the year, Ford hasn’t revealed any plans for the global market. That all changed when a Ford of Europe spokesperson has confirmed that it won’t be offered in Europe.

Despite the Ranger being the best-selling pickup truck in Europe with sales up 44 percent to 12,000 units in the first quarter of 2021, demand for pickups is falling sharply there as customers increasingly buy fuel-efficient small vans for commercial use, or SUVs and crossovers for family use.

This has actually prompted Nissan to announce the discontinuation of the Navara in Europe leaving Ford and Toyota being the two biggest players in the pickup truck scene.

In fact, Ford is set to launch an all-new Ranger next year and it will also spawn the next-generation Volkswagen Amarok as well.

It seems like a missed opportunity for Ford though as the Maverick looks well suited for the European market with its standard gasoline-electric hybrid engine. Moreover, it’s about 279 mm shorter than the Ranger making it much more maneuverable in tight urban confines. It shares its C2 platform with the Escape and the Bronco Sport.

In the U.S., Ford said they are targeting entry-level sedan buyers with the Maverick as well as shoppers who might otherwise choose a midsize pickup or crossover. The Maverick will be geared toward younger millennials and women, according to marketers.

There are still no indications as to Ford’s plan when it comes to the International Market Group (IMG) of which the Philippines is part of. It is possible that Ford will re-tool one of its plants in Thailand (they have two over there) to accommodate the assembly of the Maverick since they once assembled the Fiesta and Focus there. For now though, keep your fingers crossed.

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