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June 18, 2021

Ford Territory Owners Share The Features They Love The Most

Ford Philippines surveyed the Ford Territory Club Philippines or FTCP on their five favorite features of their small SUV.

The 11,000-strong Facebook group shared their thoughts to the carmaker in a poll. And spoiler alert: none had to do with driving performance, refinement, or comfort.

Still if there’s one thing that Ford did get right is that they packed the Chinese-made SUV with tech. Tons of tech. Tech that has earned the thumbs up from Territory buyers, fans, and enthusiasts.

Now, if you’re curious as to what these tech features are, here’s the rundown of their answers and why:

#1. Panoramic Moonroof

The Panoramic Moonroof is a nifty feature that takes the driver and passenger experience to the next level. It allows natural light into the cabin with the simple press of a button and can be accessed whether you’re sitting up front or in the back.

#2. 360-Degree Around View Monitor

Gain complete visibility on your surroundings with the Territory’s 360-Degree Around View Monitor. This is a true gamechanger when driving at low speed or backing up, offering a safer and more convenient driving experience.

#3. Blind Spot Information System

Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) alerts the driver when a vehicle is detected alongside and difficult to see in a blind spot. When a vehicle is detected, drivers are alerted with an indicator light found in the side view mirror.

#4. 10-inch Infotainment System

The Territory is equipped with an intuitive 10-inch in-vehicle infotainment system that lets you control the vehicle’s audio, air conditioning system, ambient lightning, settings, and many more with ease and convenience.

#5. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatibility

Drivers can effortlessly connect and display their smartphone information on the Territory’s touchscreen through its Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Simply connect via Bluetooth and gain easy access to your favorite apps.

Filipino buyers have spoken, and they seem to love their tech very much.


  1. How about poor quality and recalls? Daming issues nito and first time huyers think these are usual issues napuputol ung wire sa battery terminal and some rough idling and transmission issues .. very interesting ...

    1. As if naman toyota and honda walang recall. Fuel pump recall galore sila

  2. Chinese piece of ***p..... Does Ford still insist abt the engine?

  3. Which has more issues: Geely Coolray or Ford Territory?
    After a year, I'm also curious about feedback re Volkswagen T Cross and Chevrolet Tracker.
    - Mark J.


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