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June 27, 2021

The 299 km/h 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa Is Now In The Philippines For P 1.088M

The OG hypersport motorbike that birthed the category is back. Taking its name from the Japanese for Peregrine falcon, the Suzuki Hayabusa returns for 2022, with a retail price of P 1.088 million.

Selling nearly 200,000 units globally in two generations, the third-generation Hayabusa brings more than 550 new or re-designed parts to the table.

The concept of “the refined beast” remains for 2022. Still low, long, and wide, the third-generation Hayabusa faithfully inherits the DNA of its predecessors but with shaper lines and a tough, modern look that oozes refinement, class, and of course, performance.

A fresh face comes with new vertically-stacked LED headlights nestled between the new angular air intakes. New position lights flank the scoops which also double as the turn signals. Towards the side, it still retains the famous seat hump, while at the back, it gets straight-edged exhaust and mufflers. The swept-up look towards the tail, which itself has new LED rear combination lights, create a mass-forward look.

Much like the design of the Hayabusa’s bodywork, the iconic machine’s clocks are just as much a part of the bike’s identity. And much like the bodywork, they too have been redesigned to embrace modern technology, in the form of a color TFT screen, while retaining the elements that standout as Hayabusa: the two large dials that flank the new TFT display.

The large analog tachometer and speedometer gain a fresh, more attractive appearance. Features include bigger, bolder numbering that improves legibility, and raised scale markings around the periphery of each meter use LED lighting to provide a clearer view and faster recognition.

During the development of the new Hayabusa many prototypes were evaluated, with many featuring different engine configurations. In the end, Suzuki engineers stuck with the original engine package because it achieves the best overall package. As a result, the 1,340-cc inline-4 cylinder engine remains, but reworked extensively with the aim of boosting performance, especially at the low and mid-rpm range. While the new 187 horsepower, 149 Nm of torque hypersport bike remains electronically limited to 299km/h, it outpaces its predecessors off the mark thanks to a flatter torque curve that fills in a flat spot identified in earlier iterations in the lower rev ranges.

The biggest leap though comes from a new comprehensive suite of electronics aimed at improving not just performance but rider comfort and safety as well. Aside from throttle-by-wire, the Hayabusa comes with Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS). This all-compassing system allows the rider to fully adjust the power delivery, traction control, cruise control, launch control, bi-directional quick shift, and even how the Motion Track ABS and Combined Brake systems all work.

The Hayabusa has always been known for its remarkable combination of high-speed stability and its planted feel alongside surprising agility and nimbleness. As a result, Suzuki engineers focused on evolving the existing chassis setup to build on the proven base.

The tried and tested twin-spar aluminum frame uses extruded aluminum sections which lend the right amount of suppleness and strength, achieving a better overall balance. A new subframe reduces weight by 700 grams.

A new setup of the fully adjustable front and rear suspension units help improve the bike’s stability at speed as well as its ability to turn, and also deliver improved grip from the specially-designed Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22 tires. Mounted to new seven-spoke wheels are bigger 320mm discs up front, with improved stopping power also coming from Brembo Stylema calipers.

Motorcycle history repeats itself as all eyes turn to the Suzuki Hayabusa; another testament to Suzuki’s century of dedication to creating art while building the best performing product that is unmatched in quality, reliability and value. The 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa is now available for viewing at Suzuki Philippines’s big bike stores.


  1. Looks like you guys have out done yourself this time. What a beautiful great performing motorcycle this looks like. Can't wait to test drive one! Thanks for the article!

  2. None available. This article is wrong.


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