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June 29, 2021

Volkswagen To End Sales Of Gas, Diesel Engines In Europe By 2035

Volkswagen will stop selling cars powered by internal combustion by 2035 as it shifts to full-electric vehicles. The timeline was revealed by its sales chief Klaus Zellmer.

With the European Union mandating a 60 percent CO2 emissions reduction by 2030, and a 100 percent cut by 2035, the move makes sense given it would be practically impossible to sell an internal combustion vehicle by then.

However, understanding that the automotive industry is different elsewhere, the 2035 timeline would be later for markets such as the U.S. and China. The same goes for South America, Africa, and likely developing markets such as ASEAN where the infrastructure to support EVs is still missing.

Volkswagen’s all-electric timeline is less ambitious than the target of Audi, also a Volkswagen Group brand, to phase out production of combustion engines in most markets by 2033. That said, VW sells in much bigger numbers, and is present in more markets than its luxury counterpart.

That said, Zellmer said the entire Volkswagen fleet will be carbon neutral by 2050 “at the latest.”

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