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Monday, June 28, 2021

2022 Honda Civic Going All Turbo In ASEAN?

Reports coming out of Thailand say that the all-new 2022 Honda Civic will be launched on July 2.

A report from HeadlightMag (via WapCar) says the Japanese carmaker is getting ready to debut the all-new 11th generation compact sedan as early as this July, despite no confirmation, not even a teaser from Honda.

The report goes further to say that Honda will be dropping the non-turbo engine for the entire Civic line-up, at least in Thailand. Instead, they will go solely with the 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder across the board. It is not known whether the the ASEAN version will benefit from the power bump seen in the North American model. The hybrid version, powered by the twin-motor 1.5-liter e:HEV will debut later.

It is currently unknown whether the move to drop the normally-aspirated engine is limited to just Thailand, or whether it will also be seen across all ASEAN markets.

If this report holds true, Thailand will become the first country outside North America to launch the Civic sedan.

As for the hatchback, well, given its global launch was just held last week, its regional debut would probably happen towards the end of 2021.


  1. I hope this comes true for PH, and a turbo and MT combination will be sweet.

    I know there is the Type R, but too expensive for the regular folks.

  2. This is the mainstream civic engine we deserved a long time ago. Let's just hope Honda won't overprice it.

  3. may kilala ako bitter sa isang forum. ayaw niya sa turbo. hassle daw maintenance. kasi siguro 1.8L na civic lang sa kanya. lelz

  4. I'm hoping that Honda PH will price it competitively. And to immediately bring in a base variant along with the top of the line :)


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