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June 29, 2021

Toyota Adds More Available Parts For A70, A80 Supra

About a year after Toyota announced its very own heritage parts program, the carmaker has announced that they’re expanding the parts catalog. Through the GR Heritage Parts Project, more parts for the A70 and A80 Supra will be made available not just in Japan, but in North America, Europe, and other overseas markets as well.

In support of customers who wish to continue driving older vehicles that they truly love, the project reproduces spare parts that have been discontinued, and sells them as genuine parts. For the A70 and A80 Supra, this will be the first addition since spare parts were announced in 2020.

From July 1, as and when preparations are complete, Toyota will gradually make reproduced parts available for purchase at Toyota dealers, in the same way as normal genuine parts. However, the reproduced parts will be limited production with the special cooperation of our suppliers. For this reason, after their production periods have ended, each reproduced part will only be available for purchase for as long as stocks last.

For the A70 Supra, Toyota has released the following timeline for heritage parts:
  • Parts set for sale in July 2021 – clutch master cylinder, clutch release cylinder, brake hose, heater hose, air conditioner control panel knob
  • Parts set for sale in August 2021 – front emblem
  • Parts set for sale in August 2021 or later – side protection molding, Toyota Supra rear emblem front door garnish, front suspension lower arm bushing
For the A80 Supra, here’s the timeline:
  • Parts set for sale in July 2021 – oxygen sensor
  • Parts set for sale in August 2021 or later – front bumper cover

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