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June 25, 2021

Foton PH Takes Market Lead in 6-Wheeled Truck Category

Foton Motor Philippines, Inc. (FMPI) continues to ride strong on its nationwide market acceptance, as it embraces the top spot in category IV (6-wheeler trucks) while maintaining the Top 3 spot in overall truck sales for 2021, as reflected by figures from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI).

Consolidating its milestone achievement in 2020 by joining the elite Top 10 in overall automotive sales, Foton boasts a formidable array of commercial vehicles as it endeavors to further improve its position in the truck segment amidst the rapid growth in the logistics, transportation, and infrastructure industries.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Foton conquered a notable sales chunk with 677 truck units sold in the CAT III to CAT V categories. Carried by the successful Tornado Series, the brand makes up a whopping 80.35 percent of its market sales, as it meets high demand from small to medium business enterprises and fleet partners.

Foton achieved an impressive total sales growth of 109 percent for the month of May compared to the same month last year, based from CAMPI reports. The team behind Foton is bullish on both the brand’s growth and in the continuous market recovery of the automotive industry. “Supporting various industries, including the cold-storage requirements for the transport of the COVID-19 vaccines, inspires us to continue pursuing the country’s mobility needs. We’ll relentlessly defy obstacles and challenges to continue empowering Filipino lives,” said Foton Motor Philippines, Inc., (FMPI) President Rommel Sytin.

The top-listed Foton Tornado Series, categorized as Light Duty Trucks, have been consistently in demand for their dependable performance, rugged and long-lasting chassis, and innovative features that come with an unbeatable value, perfectly suiting the mobility requirements of different industries, from start-up businesses to large fleet ones.

The Foton Tornado Series features multi-functional capabilities combined with a selection of high-strength customizable bodies including Ref-Van, MPV, F-Van, Dropside, Water Tanker, Fuel Tanker, Self-Loader and Crane Trucks that are ideal for a wide variety of delivery and transportation needs and services.

Powered by world-renowned brands, Foton trucks are built with technological advancements from American Cummins engines, German ZF transmissions, Bosch electronics, and WABCO air brakes, producing world-class performance and superior functionality.

With more than 10 million users worldwide, Foton has accumulated significant milestones in bringing the world to greater levels of transportation breakthroughs, even earning the title of being the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in Asia.

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