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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

It's IG Official: The Philippines Has More Supercars Than Hong Kong Or Thailand

Even the most casual car buff would recognize that the Philippines, despite its stature as a developing country, is full of supercars. A quick drive in Bonifacio Global City or a quick jaunt through the expressways on Sunday morning reveals the number of Ferraris, Porsches, and Lamborghinis that would otherwise be locked away as garage queens through the rest of the week.

This has given rise to Facebook groups that do nothing but act as paparazzo to snap these elusive cars in their “natural habitat.” This isn’t exactly a very scientific measure, but it does show that there’s a lot of interesting cars and Toyota Innovas on the road.

But what if we took all those photos and went a step further? Just how far does the Philippines rank as a “Supercar Capital?” Well, that’s exactly what Chasing Cars did. They analyzed thousands of Instagram posts to see which brands people are driving in which countries and cities. They then balanced the number of supercar brand hashtags against the number of motorists (using data from the World Health Organization) in each place to find out whose roads boast the highest density of supercar drivers.

Well, you’d be surprised to know that the Philippines has a supercar density of 36 per 1,000 motorists based on Instagram post hashtags. We manage to overtake Indonesia (19 per 1,000), Thailand (8 per 1,000), and shockingly even Hong Kong (29 per 1,000). We fall behind Malaysia (51 per 1,000) and Singapore (63 per 1,000) though.

Of course, Instagram isn’t so hot in China, so its 9 per 1,000 supercar density isn’t surprising. What is surprising is Japan’s 19 per 1,000 and South Korea’s 41 per 1,000. If you’re curious, Monaco has the highest supercar density at 3,051 supercars per 1,000 motorists (it seems everyone owns a supercar there). In second place is Denmark at 162 per 1,000, while in Third is Portugal at 136 per 1,000 (this isn’t surprising because Europeans love the travel there during the winter months). Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates has 122 per 1,000, while the United States has 66 per 1,000.

Chasing Cars looked at 10 brands, and here’s their density per 1,000 motorists in the Philippines:
  • Ferrari – 8.3
  • Lamborghini – 7.7
  • Porsche – 7.8
  • McLaren – 3.2
  • Ford GT – 1.2
  • Aston Martin – 1.7
  • Koenigsegg – 0.7 (so apparently, there’s one running here somewhere)
  • Pagani – 1.2
  • Mercedes-Benz – 1.5
  • Bugatti – 2.6 (that’s another surprise)
When it comes to cities, Miami in the United States has the most tagged posts per registrations at 1,514 per 1,000, followed by Manchester City in the United Kingdom at 881, Vancouver in Canada at 862, Las Vegas in the United States at 818, Edinburgh in the United Kingdom at 726, and Leeds in the United Kingdom at 726. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’ capital is the highest ranked Asian city with 259 out of 1,000 (ranked 40th).

The most Instagrammed car? Well, that’s the Ford GT with 600,167 posts followed by the McLaren P1 with 412,205, Bugatti Chiron at 395,810, McLaren 720S at 355,382, McLaren F1 at 355,382, and the Ferrari F40 at 241,852.

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