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June 8, 2021

Nissan To Discontinue Navara In Europe Due To Low Demand

Nissan will be phasing out its Navara in Europe amidst a shrinking market for pickup trucks. In a statement, the carmaker confirmed that the current-generation Navara will cease production this December 2021 as it shuts its Barcelona plant. Sales will then end in 2022.

The carmaker said they had an option of importing the Navara for Europe from its Thailand plant which supplies several export markets including the Philippines, but Nissan’s European division has already decided not to import the facelifted version last year.

Nissan cites a shrinking market for pickup trucks, whose traditional role in Europe have been taken over by vans.

The decision means the end for a model that helped transform the European pickup market. The Navara was considered key to moving pickup trucks from a niche segment of workhorse vehicles to one with broader appeal that could be used as a family car on weekends.

The current-generation Navara was launched in 2014 and had the same lifestyle formula. Nissan event teamed up with Renault and Mercedes-Benz to help boost the scale of its European manufacturing operations. Nissan both produced the Renault Alaskan and the Mercedes-Benz X-Class. Sadly, both of these models were hit by sluggish sales.

With the predicted rise in demand for pickups failing to materialize, this leaves Toyota and Ford as the only two manufacturers selling models in significant numbers.

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