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October 1, 2021

Tired Of Dominating The Auto Industry, Toyota Wants To Invade Bike Lanes Too

After dominating the four-wheeled vehicle segment, could Toyota do the same in the area of personal mobility?

Now on sale in Japan is this: the C+ walk T—an easy to operate, three-wheeled standing-type battery electric vehicle. With a low, flat base of just 150 mm, it’s made for easy boarding and alighting. Yet, it’s designed to be used in walking areas and even large-scale facilities such as airports.

The C+ walk T has one front and two rear wheels and takes up space no larger than a standing adult. It can be turned a maximum of 90 degrees, while its turning radius is just 0.59 meters. It can travel 14 kilometers on a single charge, while its top speed is up to 10 km/h. Maximum load capacity is 100 kilograms. It’s also fitted with puncture-proof tires.

Charging the C+ walk T is easy with its removable lithium-ion battery taking just two and a half hours to be topped up using a standard household outlet. It also comes with a special purpose key which requires just hovering it over a “recognition area” to use. And for those who plan to use it in crowded environments, C+ walk T has a built-in object detection function that helps it avoid collisions with obstacles or pedestrians.

The Toyota C+ walk T starts at 341,000 yen (P 156,146) with the Safety Support model (the one equipped with the obstacle detection) priced at 354,200 (P 162,191). Do you think Toyota Motor Philippines should offer this for the local market?

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