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January 5, 2023

Sony And Honda's EV Brand Will Be Known As Afeela And Here's Our First Look

Three years after showing off its first concept car, Sony, with partner Honda, has finally revealed the name of its EV brand: Afeela. And to celebrate that milestone, Sony Honda Mobility—as the company is formally known has unveiled a concept that previews its first model.

The concept car bears no other name besides the Afeela brand, and it looks different from the original Sony concepts—the Vision-S and Vision-S 2 other than its affinity with satin gray paint.

Overall, the Afeela concept car is clean and minimalist with very few creases and character lines. In fact, even the fascia is simplified down to basic light bars.

Having said that, it does have some unique exterior features though such as the “Media Bar” situated between the actual headlights. It’s a screen that can display all sorts of information such as charging status. It can even be customized.

The interior is just as minimalist as the exterior, but it does have all sorts of screens, including ones for the side mirrors. At the back, the rear seats have individual screens too which is fitting given Sony is emphasizing entertainment for its upcoming EV range.

The Afeela concept features a total of 45 cameras and sensors, all from Sony for use with the vehicle’s various safety systems which is being developed by Honda. Thanks to a partnership with Qualcomm, it’s said to be capable of Level 3 autonomous driving in certain situations.

Given that first customer deliveries start in 2026 (production will start sometime in 2025 in North America), Sony Mobility has yet to divulge mechanical details. It must be said that the all-electric sedan does have all-wheel drive and uses the common dual-motor layout.

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  1. so its a honda with a sony tv, speakers and playstation inside?


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