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January 6, 2023

MVP Group Acquires Meralco's E-Jeep Business

As part of MVP group’s thrust towards providing sustainable transportation and mobility solutions, Meralco and On-Us Solutions, Inc. (Byahe) shook hands to enter into an agreement for Byahe to acquire 100 percent of Meralco’s eSakay public transportation business.

Byahe is a transportation company co-founded by businessmen Brian Cu and Enrique Gonzalez in 2018. MPT Mobility invested into Byahe last March 2022 and became the single biggest shareholder. Byahe operates as a privately owned modernized jeepney operator and aligns with the government’s Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP).

This program while currently being implemented, is saddled by the high costs of operations, among other challenges. While EV jeepneys lower their operating costs, this new industry needs all the help it can get from the government to ensure that it remains financially viable and sustainable.

Meralco’s eSakay public transportation business, which has been operating since 2019, makes use of an ageing fleet of electric vehicles. Byahe’s plan is to eventually modernize the fleet with best-in-class electric jeepneys that comply with government standards. Laurence Bahia, Byahe CEO, said: “We are currently in discussions with a few electric jeepney suppliers that can possibly meet our requirements. We hope to be able to launch this in the coming year,” he added.

“This acquisition will allow Byahe and MPT Mobility to give birth to a new era in public transport. The electric PUJ under the government’s modernization program has finally arrived.” said Enrique Gonzales, Byahe Co-founder.

With the advent of electric vehicles, EV charging becomes an absolute necessity, and the goal is to support this industry and ensure that every Filipino who rides or drives an electric vehicle will have access to efficient and affordable charging infrastructure.

Rodrigo E. Franco, MPT Mobility President and Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) CEO shared that “The riding public deserves better service, and we truly believe that Byahe can help turn our public transportation into a world-class sector and contribute to nation-building in partnership with the government and stakeholders. We do this by combining innovative technology, a more organized fleet system, and heightened focus on the safety and welfare of the passengers and drivers.”

Byahe is one of MPT Mobility’s eight operating units. Its presence strengthens the MPTC innovations arm’s commitment to foster and implement sustainable transportation and mobility solutions to improve the overall Pinoy traveling experience.

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