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Friday, January 6, 2023

The BMW i Vision Dee Shows Off Brand's New Design Direction

BMW is offering a glimpse of its upcoming design and technological direction with the BMW i Vision Dee. With a name that stands for, “Digital Emotional Experience,” the concept car aims to go beyond the usual concepts of digitalization such as voice control and driver assistance systems.

With the i Vision Dee, BMW previews their new design concept which will start with the Neue Klasse from 2025. It will pare down elements to focus on core elements such as the double kidney grille, twin circular headlights, and the Hofmeister kink.

The same reduction to superfluous elements has been done inside. The concept has an unusual central spoke steering wheel with various thumb-adjustable controls which “come to life” when approached or touched. On its Neue Klasse automobiles, BMW will implement a new heads-up display concept that extends across the full width of the windshield.

A digital experience will become front and center in BMWs, and in the i Vision Dee, it starts with a personalized welcome scenario that combines graphical, light, and sound effects. For instance, the headlights and closed kidney grille design form a uniform surface that can project different facial expressions. On the concept, the BMW i Vision Dee also debuts a full-color version of E Ink technology. Up to 32 colors can be displayed at any of the concept car’s 240 E Ink segments.

From the i Vision Dee, BMW will be providing more insights and glimpses to its next-generation Neue Klasse vehicles through more concepts over the course of 2023.

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