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July 1, 2023

Here's Your First Look At The All-New Mitsubishi Strada's Interior, Engine Bay

With Mitsubishi Ralliart shaking down the all-new Triton (Strada) ahead of its global debut and participation at the 2023 Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR), reader Yuklonthon Sankoed sent us these pics that shows the latest-generation Mitsubishi pick-up truck’s interior, rear suspension, and engine bay.

Though the photos show the Triton (Strada) in AXCR race trim, if Mitsubishi’s previous AXCR effort is any indication, the interior is pretty much close to what will adorn the production version, albeit stripped down for weight.

From the photos, it’s clear that the all-new Strada will sport a dashboard design with a predominantly horizontal motif. Mitsubishi designers have lowered the cowl height, it seems, for improved visibility, while expanding the Dynamic Shield language to the inside. It also looks to have a partial digital gauge cluster (the speedometer still looks analog), while at the center is a free-standing infotainment screen. Below it looks to be toggle-type switches for its climate control system. Capping things off is a new steering wheel design.

In another photo, (though blurry), looks to show the Strada retaining its rear leaf spring suspension. That said, it looks to gain rear disc brakes, at least for the AXCR rally car. The suspension, as well as the body, has been given two-time Dakar Rally winner and Mitsubishi Ralliart team director Hiroshi Masuoka’s seal of approval. Reliability, durability, and capability tested over 800 kilometers of grueling conditions were passed with flying colors.

Finally, there’s the engine bay. Mitsubishi has confirmed that the all-new Triton will receive an all-new engine that will be “more impressive than ever.” That said, no details have been revealed as of yet. There are reports that it might get a downsized engine but with more horsepower and torque.

Are you excited for the all-new Triton’s global reveal on July 26?


  1. Some observations:

    1. The XRT Concept and spyshots show that the production version still use drum brakes at the rear instead of discs. So I'm pretty certain that these rather large rear discs are exclusive to the rally car, and the production version will use rear drums.
    2. There seems to be a power steering fluid reservoir in the last pic near the battery (correct me if I'm wrong). It seems that the Triton/Strada will retain hydraulic power steering when the competition is moving towards electronic power steering (Ford Ranger, RHD Isuzu D-Max)
    3. The turbo configuration looks really odd. Maybe this is just for the rally car... but who knows, there could be more that one turbo there. If that's the case, then there's a big chance that this will use the Nissan/Renault YS23 used in the global Navara/Terra... big problem is these engines are for Euro 5+ only.
    4. Speaking of Nissan, the gauge cluster looks like it's straight out from the newer Nissans like the Navara, Terra, and X-trail (and Outlander for that matter). I wonder what other parts will be from the Nissan/Renault parts bin. The steering wheel kinda looks like the ones from Nissan, but the bottom isn't flat.
    5. Being very familiar with the Navara myself, the wheel PCD doesn't look like it uses the distinct 6x114.3 that the Navara and Terra has. Instead, it seems to be the usual 6x139.7 that most manufacturers use. It makes me think that it could be a completely different platform from the Navara, or if it is based on the Navara, Mitsubishi made quite a lot of significant mechanical changes.
    6. Mechanical handbrake instead of electronic handbrake
    7. Push start button FINALLY in the correct side when translated to LHD

    Based on these observations, I don't think Mitsubishi is trying to go shoulder-to-shoulder with the Ranger; instead, they are trying to undercut it. That is one of the Triton/Strada's best selling points: it undercuts the competition by quite a bit. As such, there had to be compromises like no rear discs, no electronic handbrake, no electric power steering, etc etc.

    1. Nice observation on the power steering fluid...I was thinking the same thing, but I wasn't so sure if that's indeed a power steering fluid reservoir or if it's the radiator coolant reservoir.


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