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August 4, 2023

Experience, Test Drive Toyota And Lexus Electrified Models At BGC This Weekend

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is commemorating its 35th anniversary with a series of events starting with a full line-up Electrified Vehicle experience at the Bonifacio Global City this weekend.

“We dedicate this celebration to the generations of Filipino Toyota customers who have embraced the Toyota brand and became Toyota’s brand ambassadors,” said TMP President Atsuhiro Okamoto. “To thank our customers for this milestone and to give them a glimpse of our exciting future together, we are treating them to exciting and unforgettable activities this month to kickstart our 35th year.”

TMP is starting its August anniversary month strong by bringing in a new Toyota nameplate that will further expand its wide range of electrified vehicles. Positioned as its “most affordable hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) yet”, TMP promises to change the electrified game anew with the arrival of the all-new Toyota Yaris Cross HEV.

TMP is unveiling the all-new Yaris Cross and exhibiting its powerhouse lineup of electrified sedans, MPVs, and SUVs, at its “Go Electrified with Toyota” fair, making these electrified cars available for public test drive, customer inquiries, and reservations.

With a total of 35 units of electrified cars from Toyota and Lexus all in one place, this event is happening at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig from August 4 to 6. 

“We believe in giving our customers the power of choice, that is why we advocate for a multiple pathway approach to achieving carbon neutrality in mobility,” said Okamoto. “Widespread adoption of electrified vehicles is one of those paths and we are glad to give the public accessible and practical electrified vehicle options.”

The Go Electrified with Toyota fair allows customers to familiarized and personally experience electrified vehicles especially HEVs that are appropriate with the current needs and conditions of the country. By giving its customers a wide range of choices and eliminating hurdles to shifting to electrified technology, TMP is enabling Filipinos to start contributing to global decarbonization for a more sustainable future.


  1. When will Toyota Ph launch the bZ4X?

  2. Hybrids means more parts. More parts means more maintenance. Equals pocket holes and serious headache. So go with either full electric or an ice engine. Tons of electrics are coming out and prices are going down fast it's a matter of time it'll reach out shores.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Now it makes me wonder how to maintain a full electric vehicle and how much it really costs. Yes, it has less moving parts compared to ICE but how to fix them and what tools or knowledge do you need is the question.

  3. Someone needs to educate BEV buyers. It’s not simple plug and get charged. You need to see first compatibility of the nozzle versus what the car can receive. Second those mobile chargers need to checked if will plug to any household outlet or not. Just a few thoughts here. Study first before buying.

  4. do not bother to got to their event, they do not have even have stocks, they will ask you to give 100,000 pesos of reservation and let you wait for months for an NX unit.

  5. This activity can only provide consumers with the "driving experience"... while "ownership experience" is a totally different thing... when someone buy one of these "electrified vehicles" they officially become a guinea pig of Toyota... good luck!

  6. We don't know yet if BEVs are going to be more reliable than ICE cars or what. Know that current lithium-ion batteries is not the best type of battery for BEVs. We also don't know if solid-state batteries will be the holy grail of batteries for EVs.


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