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September 4, 2023

The Future Of BMW Previewed In The Vision Neue Klasse

BMW reserves the term, “Neue Klasse” or New Class for its line of vehicles it considers as revolutionary; one that brings the carmaker to new direction or heights. The original Neue Klasse from the 1960s and 70s did just that and helped save BMW from obscurity and financial loss.

The new one—revealed as the Vision Neue Klasse—or New Class Concept showcases that BMWs will look like in the era of electrification, digitalization, and circularity.

Confirmed for production in 2025 (BMW denies that it will replace the 3 Series), the Neue Klasse’s design embodies a paired back design language. It reduces the character lines to a minimum, relying instead on expansive surfaces to communicate its presence. Of course, key BMW design features like the kidney grille and the Hofmeister kink remain.

The concept has powerful arches, retracted glass areas, and a steeply-forward slanting “shark nose” design. The grille itself is sealed off and grows to accommodate the headlights as well. The lights themselves have an animated pattern to initiate a stronger interaction between car and driver. The same goes for the Vision Neue Klasse’s use of E Ink elements on the lower portion of the side glass. Behind, the same 3D lighting offers an impression of depth.

Inside, the Vision Neue Klasse debuts the next-generation BMW iDrive system. BMW has decided to reduce traditional buttons and switches to a minimum, relying instead on the large central display and a heads-up display that spans the lower portion of the windshield (BMW Panoramic Vision). The combination of the large screens allows driver and front passenger to display different information simultaneously. Of course, the use of large screens necessitated a redesign of the fundamentals such as the steering wheel. It now has its spokes in the 12 and 6 position.

The homey, sort-of retro look of the Vision Neue Klasse makes way for BMW’s sixth-generation BMW eDrive technology.

Powering the brand’s upcoming EV models (and sold alongside the current fifth-generation BMW eDrive), the newly developed electric motors have more powerful and efficient motors. This is side by side with its new, round battery cells. All in all, BMW says charge times will be improved by 30 percent, while range goes up a similar amount. Overall efficiency, thanks to more advanced aerodynamics and thermal management, is up 25 percent.


  1. Best is to make the future just as good as the old ones. No need to move away from the design language of the past. Retro-futuristic sounds good. Making everything sleek and slim as well as trying to alter one way or the other just to be able to make a change is not a good move. Stick to the tried and tested formula. Go back to the roots of motorsports and just build exciting and beautiful cars; not just SUVs.

  2. As for the interior, please don't make everything digital and touchscreens. Knobs and buttons have already been tried and tested and they have proven to be useful and reliable. Continue to use them. They still have a strong place in today's cars. Just keep it simple. Simplicity is key.

  3. Semi classic looks age well and at the same time looks more premium


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