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November 20, 2017

This is a Ford GT You Can Wear On Your Wrist

If you’re not one of the few lucky ones who were “privileged enough” to own a Ford GT, there may be another chance to own Ford’s supercar. And this time, it fits right on your wrist. Ford teamed up with Autodromo, a watchmaker that specializes in automotive-themed watches to create two lines inspired by the GT and GT40.

The first is the Ford GT Endurance Chronograph. Available in 5 designs, 3 of them are based on color schemes reminiscent of the Le Mans winning race cars. The cases are made of stainless steel and the faces covered in sapphire crystal. As for the movement, they use a Seiko mecha-quartz movement (aka Seiko Kinetic). They run at US$ 695 (~ P 35,330) apiece.

Now, if you’re an owner of the new Ford GT, you’ll be eligible to order an Owner’s Edition Chronograph. Each of these watches can be customized by owners to match the color of their cars. Even the serial numbers are made to match the car’s. The face has a honeycomb texture based on the GT’s chassis components while the buttons and crowns are based on the GT’s shift paddles and scroll wheels. These watches have a ceramic and stainless steel case with a sapphire crystal face. The movement has been upgraded to a Swiss automatic with a flyback chronograph function. No word on the Owner’s Edition Chronograph’s price.

The Ford GT Endurance Chronograph is now available for preorder on Autodromo’s website.

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