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November 6, 2017

Castrol Gears Up for 4th "Partners for Life" Program

With some 1.14 million motorcycles reported sold in 2016, the Philippines is now the second largest market for motorcycles in Southeast Asia behind Indonesia. As motorcycles have increasingly become a preferred mode of transportation for many Filipinos given traffic and road conditions, the need for more qualified and highly trained motorcycle mechanics has come to light.

In response to this need, Castrol Philippines launched the Partner for Life program for two-wheeler mechanics in 2013. Designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of mechanics across the country, Castrol’s Partner for Life program has, over the last four years, mentored some 7,000 mechanics from different regions and provinces.

As part of the annual program, outstanding mechanics are given recognition.  This year, Castrol’s Partner for Life program will honor a fourth set of deserving Filipino motorcycle technicians on November 27 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

“As a brand committed to safer rides and road safety, we feel we have a big role to play in upgrading the skills of our motorcycle mechanics,” said Maria Tañada, Country Sales Director, Castrol Philippines.”

“Castrol’s Partner for Life program gives us the opportunity to reach out to help develop more mechanics into knowledgeable, confident advisors and our partners in protecting our riders on the road,” she added.

The Castrol Partner for Life program consists of three technical training modules held in over 100 training centers across the Philippines. The modules are conducted over a six month-period, after which the best mechanics per center are selected to compete and be named as ‘Castrol Mechanics of the Year.’

This year, the Philippines was also selected to join the Castrol Asia Pacific Mechanic Contest being held in Thailand from November 8 to 10. The Castrol Asia Pacific Mechanic Contest is a unique and innovative event that provides independent workshop motorcycle mechanics an opportunity to showcase their talent and   hone their skills and upgrade their knowledge about new two-wheeler technology, maintenance and lubricants.

A total of 77,000 mechanics took part in the preliminary rounds held across six countries:  Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and the Philippines. The participating mechanics from Asia Pacific will be put through the ultimate test, on both their technical knowledge as well as practical tests.

The Philippine representatives are the Castrol Partner for Life 2016 Champion Mechanics Team comprising of Roel Ian Bustaleño, Joy Cabras, Joveryl Nesperos, and Jackson Li, all from LKK Motor Parts in Davao. A year into their victory, these individuals have continued to work in Davao and practice the skills gained during the Castrol Partner for Life program in 2016.


  1. Great castrol, perhaps you can start teaching riders what RED and GREEN in traffic light stand for.
    Ang daming tanga na riders, kahit kasalanan nila pag ikaw pa may kaso.

    1. At sisingit pa sa stopping space between sa car mo at sa car na nasa harap mo, tuloy kailangan mo ulit mag provide ng stopping space. Ewan ko kung sobrang bobo o walang pinagaralan sa tamang paggamit ng daanan ang mga yan.

  2. Natuloy ba yung gathering ng mechanics noong November 27 2017
    Qualified daw kasi kmi na pumunta kaso sinbi lng nitong december 1.

  3. Natuloy ba yung gathering ng mechanics noong November 27 2017
    Qualified daw kasi kmi na pumunta kaso sinbi lng nitong december 1.


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