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November 9, 2017

Lamborghini is Going to Make An EV Their Way (w/ 11 Photos)

EVs are deemed to be the future and no one, not even supercar maker Lamborghini can escape it. However, the carmaker from Sant’Agata won’t just put some Nissan Leaf hardware into a wedgy body and call it a day. No sir, they’re showing how cutting-edge technology could help power the EV supercars of tomorrow. Meet the Terzo Millennio concept.

With a name that stands for “Third Millennium”, the Terzo Millennio is made in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT. It features supercapacitor energy storage technology. Supercapacitors differ from batteries in that energy isn’t stored via a chemical reaction. Instead, energy is stored as electricity and it’s for this reason it can charge and discharge rapidly. In addition, there’s very little deterioration even after prolonged use.

The technology itself is already being used (Mazda uses capacitor-based energy storage called i-ELOOP), but it still cannot power a whole car. What Lamborghini and MIT hopes is to make is a supercapacitor that can function as a car’s main power source with a greater ability to recharge and discharge quickly. This makes it ideal for brutal acceleration, fitting for a Lamborghini supercar. In addition, Lamborghini is also exploring the use of carbon composite batteries or perhaps a combination of the two.

Interestingly enough, Lamborghini wants the Terzo Millennio to “sound like a Lamborghini.” Although the company can’t figure out yet how to make an EV supercar as aurally interesting as its V10- or V12-powered counterpart, the company is currently investigating ways to make it so.

The Terzo Millennio is, of course, all-wheel drive thanks to its in-wheel electric motors.

The wedgy Terzo Millennio is styled pretty much like a Lamborghini with those angles, creases, and edges. But behind that is a brand-new technology that can detect degradation in the carbon fiber early and potentially repair it using nano technology.

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