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April 25, 2018

Honda's Small RS Concept Previews All-New, Second-Gen Brio

It looks like Honda’s ready to “RS” everything. The “Road Sailing” badge, introduced as the top-of-the-line and often sportiest variant of the Jazz, Mobilio, and Civic will now find its way onto the brand’s smallest passenger car, the Brio.

Currently known as the “Small RS Concept”, the Brio, we mean Small RS Concept, features a strong fascia, reminiscent of the current-model Mobilio. It also has a hood scoop, large rims (likely 17s or 18s), aggressive-looking bumpers with extended splitters, and of course, an ostentatious rear wing.

Although not much detail has been revealed as of yet, the most important takeaway here is that the Small RS Concept actually previews the all-new, second-generation Brio.

With the Amaze now being spun off as its own distinct model, the Brio has more wiggle room in terms of engineering and marketing. Visually, its silhouette looks fairly close to the current model. While the front looks a lot like the Mobilio, it does have the Civic’s upright solid wing grille. At the side, it has the current model’s sharp rising character line, but at the back, Honda’s replaced the controversial mostly-glass hatch for something that’s much more conventional. The rear-end also shows off C-shaped taillights, something already seen in the current BR-V and Civic.

No word yet on the mechanicals of the production Brio, but expect it to arrive around 2019.


  1. The resculpting is a welcome development, especially on the rear. The current gen's all-glass chopped off look is ugly.

    They're spamming on the RS though.. will it ever mean more than bolting-on silly sports kits?

  2. Hondas are all riced up. Better to improve their power as they are left behind the competition

  3. lahat nalang nilagyan ng RS badge? This is y many ricers love honda, with the addition of body kits and colored rims its already an rs, honda put rs badges in their cars just to have more variants in their line up


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