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April 28, 2018

Bosch is Out to Save the Diesel Engine

After all the negative flack diesel has been receiving, particularly in Europe, Bosch says they’ve developed the technology that can potentially save it. A report by Bloomberg News says that the German company has made a way to cut diesel emissions to meet the stringent 2020 legal limits.

Using a combination of advanced fuel injection, a newly developed airflow management system to recirculate exhaust gases, and intelligent temperature management, it optimizes the thermal management of exhaust temperatures enabling an engine to drop its nitrogen oxide emissions to one-tenth of the amount set under the stricter 2020 limit for Europe.

Bosch says the results hold consistent regardless of driving condition and weather.

Bloomberg News quotes Bosch Chief Executive Officer:

“This breakthrough offers the opportunity to shift the heated debate over diesel into new territory and, hopefully, bring it to a close.

With this new exhaust technology, blanket driving bans in the centers of the world’s major cities will no longer be an issue. Why? Because we now have the technology to resolve the problem of nitrogen oxides in road traffic.”

While the new technology doesn’t require new hardware, it can only be fitted to newer cars. The technology cannot be retrofitted to existing vehicles.

Source: Bloomberg News


  1. ^Yeah, glorify your dreaded diesel just like what VW did... oh well germans...

    1. Glorify? From where are you to say that. Our country cant even build a decent vehicle, puro sa foreign tech lng tayo naka depend. Yan tayo puro yabang.

    2. Gumawa ng monorail sa UP gulong ng trak ang ginamit? bwahahahhaha

    3. "oh well germans..." they invented jet engine, rocketry, diesel engine, petrol vehicle, bicycle, X-ray, theorized atomic energy,mag lev train... Habang tayo naniniwala parin na si Mr Flores nkaimbento ng fluorescent light.
      Don't get me wrong, I love being Pinoy, pero konting bawas lang po sa yabang.

    4. "Dreaded diesel" makes me laugh.

      Diesels continue to drive turbines and engines and machines to support life as we know it today.

      The tractors and farm machines that produce the food on your table, the ships and trucks that delivered that gadget you used to demonstrate your ignorance, the ambulance that will take you to the hospital, and the generators that will power your life support - all diesel. Your hearse won't likely be running diesel, but the trucks that delivered the fuel to the pump is.

      Diesel, while not the cleanest, is the most balanced in terms of yield and cost. We're nowhere near advanced battery tech or nuclear energy so this is basically the best we've got.

      There's no reason not to welcome any development on it. If it doesn't involve gassing monkeys, that could be the next breakthrough.

    5. Let's pollute and destroy the environment so we can live better lives! Hell yeah!

    6. Pollute? Did you read the full article? Alam mo ba implication ng compliance sa euro standard? Mukang puro Mtv lang at WWF lang pinapanood mo nung bata kapa.

    7. "Let's pollute and destroy the environment so we can live better lives! Hell yeah".

      You are an ignorant hypocrite. You say these things and yet have the gall to taste the fruits of this progress.

      We are the predominant species here on earth because we learned to utilize energy. We burn more than what we make.

      All this burning made it possible for life to progress as we know it.

      Practice what you preach by giving up ALL modern conveniences. Go live naked in the forest or something and get eaten by a wild animal. That'll make Mother Nature happy.

      Meanwhile the rest of humanity will figure out clean diesel without defeat devices, primate gas chambers and sustainable energy.


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