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April 12, 2018

Your Final Chance to Get the Volkswagen Jetta at Pre-TRAIN Prices

Want to check out the best deals on Volkswagen vehicles? Head over to the 2018 edition of the VWorld Weekend happening at two locations simultaneously this Saturday, April 14 to Sunday, April 15.

For Manila buyers, Volkswagen is taking over the Uptown Parade on 38th Street corner 9th Avenue while those in the Visayas region will be held at the Volkswagen Cebu showroom located at A. Soriano Avenue in Cebu City.

The entire family can check out the Jetta sedan (in both Comfortline and Highline variants), Golf GTS Highline, and the Tiguan compact SUV.

This may be the last chance to get Volkswagen Philippines’ bestselling sedan, the Jetta Comfortline and Highline variants at pre-TRAIN prices of P 1,100,000 and P 1,200,000, respectively. The same can be said with the Tiguan which is still available at P 2,259,000.

And while the Golf GTS Highline is already hit with the excise tax (price is now P 1,430,000 from P 1,340,000), during the VWorld Weekend, it is available with a low all-in downpayment of just P 230,000.

If these vehicles are still a bit too rich for you, great deals are available on pre-owned Volkswagen vehicles, genuine accessories, and lifestyle items at both venues.


  1. Halatang hindi nila mabenta old stocks nila from 2017

  2. I went to the Volkswagen dealership in BGC to buy the Golf GTS, but they said it was already sold out. Then I wished to opt for the Jetta Business Edition+ but it was also out of stock as well. The highline lacks LED/HID headlights and that is a deal breaker for me. I went with a Mazda 3 speed instead, I love the looks and the drive. It also comes with all the equipment that I desired. Well, maybe next time. The door closing sound on the Jetta sounds so solid though, even better than the Mazda 3, which is already solid.

  3. Good for you that you went for Mazda 3 for if you were able to get one of the VW Jetta you"re gonna regret it just like me. diesel engine vibrate on idling in traffic, noisy acceleration, ride comfort with 4 passenger is bad, side mirror view angle are too narrow and hard to be use in changing lane, low roof line hard to get in and out.

    1. How about the fuel consumption? Is it really efficient?

    2. Diesel is cheaper than gasoline. I think it would easily around 9-10 km/L on city driving routes and 17-20 km/L on the highway.

    3. Driving the Mazda 3 2.0 around the city nets me around 7-9km/L and 16-20km/L on the highway if I drive conservatively and the engine is just a few weeks old. I love that I have 153hp on tap while having the fuel economy of a subcompact with a 1.5L engine if I drive leisurely.

  4. Actually the Jetta is already discontinued in Europe, so whatever is left might be it for us. That is if VW decides to bring the 2019 Jetta from the US since the model is exclusive for them (for now I guess). The Golf is probably to be the next sell only if they can give it better pricing compared to a few years ago.


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