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April 9, 2018

Volkswagen Starts Offering Incentives to Arrest Diesel Slide in Germany

As European cities look to phase out diesel cars, Volkswagen has come up with a new campaign that aims to protect car buyers in case they find their diesel cars banned from city streets, at least in Germany.

Starting this month until the end of 2018, Volkswagen is offering the “German Guarantee” that gives buyers or new and year-old VWs additional security in case the German government calls for a diesel driving ban.

In case of a diesel driving restriction at their home or work address, Volkswagen will offer to buy back the original model at its current market value (determined by a third-party). The buyer can then opt to buy another vehicle which isn’t covered by any driving restriction.

Despite these incentives (Mercedes-Benz is also embarking on a similar incentive campaign), German car buyers remain wary after courts there ruled that cities can ban vehicles to tackle pollution.

Sales of diesel-powered cars fell 25 percent while gasoline-engined cars rose 9 percent for the month of March alone. Currently, diesels account for 31.4 percent of the German car market, but analysts predict that this number will go down to just 25 percent in the coming months.

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