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January 4, 2019

The Price of this 1994 Toyota Supra Could Buy You a Brand-New Nissan GT-R

The world is high with Supra fever. As the world awaits the first-ever all-new Supra to appear in a very long time, feast your eyes on this 1994 turbocharged model that sold for *drum roll* USD 121,000 (~ P 6,360,000).

Sold on the website BringATrailer, this Supra now has the distinction of being the highest price paid for a fourth-generation Supra (at least on this auction site). Of course, in order to command such a high price, this Supra had to be unique and it is: it’s only run 7,000 miles (~ 11,200 kilometers) and is completely stock.

Thanks to movies such as The Fast and the Furious, unmolested Supras are pretty hard to find these days so this one could very well be the Holy Grail.

The car itself was leased back in 1994 only to end up purchased in 1999. Since then, it’s been stored in a climate-controlled facility as part of a private collection.

Finished in Renaissance Red, it’s free from any accidents or damage reports. It even runs on the very same Bridgestone Potenza tires fitted by the factory in 1994. Inside, it’s like a time warp of sorts. The black-and-tan interior is clean and even has the factory Toyota CD/cassette head unit.

The unit also has a numbers-matching twin-turbo 3.0-liter 2JZ-GTE engine making 320 horsepower. It also rocks a proper transmission—a 6-speed manual sourced from Getrag.

If you’re keeping score, this 1994 Supra is already within modern Nissan GT-R category and that one has almost double the horsepower. It’s also worth noting that the all-new Supra—codenamed A90—will likely cost less. Still, some people will pay a pretty penny for some unmolested nostalgia.


  1. Classics like this supra has a market in western countries. But in third world countries like ours, any 1994 model car, would most likely end up in junkyards.

    1. My 60+ year old father still daily drives a 1992 lancer glxi which is not a classic like supra. Sourcing parts is a big problem for him though whenever there is a major breakdown and and might soon find its way to the junkyard due to scarcity of parts. There are still lots of classic VW beetle in the road though due to abundance of parts.


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