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January 14, 2019

Mazda MX-5 Stays True to Motorsports Heritage by Winning 8-Oras ng Pilipinas

The near-stock MX-5 ND of Car Porn Racing once again took top honors at the 8-Oras ng Pilipinas endurance race held last December at the Clark International Speedway. The team composed of racing veterans Allan Uy, Tyson Sy, Carlos Anton, and international race driver Angie King, raced the MX-5 to 4th Over-all, 3rd in the RP Class and first in both the FM1 and FM2 race production classes as it went wheel to wheel with 31 other cars on the grid.

The punishing, non-stop 8-hour endurance race capped the local racing scene for 2018. With each car hosting a team of drivers, all entries competed for the most number of laps around the 4.2-kilometer Clark International Speedway for the duration of the race. The Car Porn MX-5 finished 180 laps in 8 hours. Just 6 laps down from the top finisher. A second MX-5 was also raced by the Autostrada-Parts Pro Racing Team with Cael Gaite, Antonio Brias, Joey Almeda, and Marc Soong sharing driver duties.

More popularly known as the Miata, the MX-5 is the most raced car around the world.  “We all definitely enjoyed driving and racing the Miata this weekend,” beamed Car Porn Racing owner Angie King. “Knowing our performance from the last endurance race, we were in it to win it this time! That is why I partnered with PartsPro, Marc Soong, and drivers who are better than me. There is a lot to be said on how the car was so competitive against fully built race cars!”

The MX-5 was tuned and prepared to comply with Philippine Endurance Championship rules and regulations. While the car was decked with basic safety and handling modifications, it remained close to street stock as it competed against full-on race cars on the track.

Aside from its impeccable handling as a lightweight, rear wheel drive sports car, the MX-5’s 2-liter Skyactiv gasoline engine was also vaunted for its fuel efficiency.  As a testament to the car’s thrifty fuel consumption, the race strategy of the team involved each driver doing 2-hour racing stints, about the equivalent of a tank of gas. “The main highlight of the race was the last 12 minutes when we got the radio call from Carlos Anton saying that the reserve light was on,” shares Angie. “We had a choice pit in and lose the RP3 position or go all in and tell him to stay on track at a slower pace just to finish the race. Thank God we crossed the finish line as the car halted to a stop right before the double left hander on the pit in lap.”

The MX-5 has been Car Porn Racing’s go-to track weapon. “We have been campaigning this car since I bought it in 2017,” shares Angie. Her affinity for the lightweight roadster started when she drove a 12-hour endurance race in Japan at the Twin Ring Motegi Circuit with RWB Porsches.  “I was surprised to find out at the end of the race a stock Miata ND won! Hence, I ended up buying one.”

Car Porn has been campaigning the MX-5 in various race events since it rolled off the showroom floor.  From the Miata Cup to slalom, to FlatOut Racing Series grid races and PEC endurance races. The same MX-5 was raced in the rain-soaked 12-hour Kalayaan Cup held last June 12th where it finished with multiple awards and 3rd over-all, again against fully modified and purpose-built race cars.

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