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January 28, 2019

Yes, You Can Spruce Up the 2019 Subaru Forester in STI Parts

With Subaru Philippines’s distributor, Motor Image pricing the all-new 2019 Forester so aggressively, it’s inevitable that at one point, parking lots will be filled with them (especially in Crystal White Pearl). So what’s an owner going to do to stand out? Why, dig into the Forester’s thick accessories catalog, of course!

After receiving flak before for not having too many parts and accessories available, Motor Image Pilipinas has done a Russ Swift and is now offering a wide selection of stuff that’ll guarantee that no two Foresters would look alike. And yes, Philippines, they’ve included STI parts as well.

Shall we go through their entire offering? Why, of course.

STI Front Lip Spoiler (ST96020E010) – P 34,300.00

STI Front Side Under Spoiler (ST96020SE020) – P 46,100.00

STI Aero Garnish Rear Door (ST90630SE150) – P 34,300.00 (for 2 pcs)

STI Rear Under Side Spoiler (ST90631SE000) – P 46,100.00 (for 2 pcs)

STI Side Under Spoiler Silver or Black (ST90630SE000) – P 56,700 (for 2 pcs)

STI Door Protector (ST91099ST080) – P 5,400.00 (for 4 pcs)

STI Push Start Switch (ST83031ST050) – 14,500.00

STI Leather Knob Shift (C1010SJ000) – P 20,300.00

STI Alloy Wheel Gunmetal/Black/Silver 17-inch (B33110SJ100/110/120) – P 172,000.00 (for 4)

STI Alloy Wheel Gunmetal/Black 18-inch (B3110SJ010) – P 172,000 (for 4)

STI Valve Cap Set (ST28102ST030) – P 4,600 (for 4 pcs)

STI Security Wheel Nut Set (ST28170ST060) – P 39,000

STI Wheel Nut Set Black/Blue/Gold (ST28170ST020/000/010) – P 23,600.00 (for 20 pcs)

STI Battery Tie Down (ST82182ST000) – P 8,800.00

STI Engine Oil Filler Cap (ST15257ZR010) – P 10,400.00

STI Radiator Cap 1.3 bar (ST4511355010) – P 4,000.00

STI Performance Oil Filter (ST15208ST010) – P 4,100.00

STI Flexible Tower Bar (E4010FL000) – P 36,000.00

Now, assuming you want to put all of the STI Performance in your brand-new Subaru Forester, we actually did the math for you. It will set you back P 536,600 (without discounts). This means that an STI Performance Parts-equipped 2.0i-S EyeSight will now set you back P 2,334,600. That sounds like a lot cash until you figure that at that price, it is still close to some of its competitor’s top-of-the-line variants.

If putting in STI Performance parts is not your thing, Motor Image is also offering a wide array of genuine Subaru parts and accessories that focus more on adding style, functionality, and convenience rather than performance.

Chrome Front Grille (J1010SJ100) – P 38,650.00

Rear Bumper Under Guard (E5510SJ000) – P 56,000.00

Front / Rear Splash Guard (J1010SJ001/J1010SJ004) – P 3,600 (for front, 2 pcs), P 4,400 (for rear (2 pcs)

Resin Cargo Step Panel (E7710SJ010) – P 9,350.00
Stainless Steel Cargo Step Panel (E7710SJ000) – P 12,500.00

Door Visor (F0010SJ000, no Chrome; F0010SJ010, with chrome) – P 9,300.00

Body Side Molding (J1017SJ150) – P 60,000.00

Cargo Tray (J501ASJ100) – P 20,000.00

Side Sill Plate (E1017SJ010) – P 18,000.00

Ultrasuede Instrument Panel Garnish (J1317SJ030) – P 18,000.00

Ultrasuede Arm Rest (J1317SJ020) – P 18,000.00

Ultrasuede Console Side Panel Garnish (J1310SJ010) – P 12,000.00

Light Bronze Front Panel Cover (J1310SJ111 & J1310SJ110) – P 17,000.00

Front Drink Holder Illumination (H2010SJ000) – P 23,500.00

Footwell Illumination Kit (Front & Rear) (H7010SJ000) – P 20,000.00


  1. Cargo tray is 20K? 😮

    Door visor with or without chrome, same price?

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    Thank you


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