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January 21, 2019

Hard to Believe But This is a Nissan Van's Cargo Hold

It’s hard to believe, but what you’re seeing is not a Scandinavian-inspired tool shed; no, you’re looking at the newest customized van from Nissan.

Unveiled at the Brussels Motor Show in Belgium, Nissan took an NV300 (the European version of NV350 Urvan, which in turn is based off the Renault Traffic) and transformed it into a mobile workshop for creative woodworking professionals. It may be purely a concept at this point, but it does contain numerous practical and innovative features, illustrating how Nissan vans can be the perfect partner for professionals working in any sector or trade.

The van’s content has been developed and created in a collaboration between Nissan and Studio Hardie, a highly respected British design studio.

The NV300 Concept-van also comes equipped with an integrated portable battery solution called Nissan Energy ROAM: an all-in-one, weatherproof power pack that provides convenient, emission-free, and silent power while on the go. With a storage capacity of 700Wh and maximum power output of 1kW, this portable battery solution is a state-of-the-art energy hub for mobile professionals.

Comprising second-life batteries recovered from Nissan Leaf electric vehicles which have come to the end of their life, Nissan Energy ROAM is the latest example of Nissan’s leadership in sustainable energy technology. The power pack can even be recharged using a solar panel accessory, as mounted on the roof of the NV300 Concept-van, making it a truly ‘off-grid’ power solution.

The NV300 Concept-van is a great example of the new possibilities which Nissan might one day deliver to commercial customers. Its personalized load space includes innovations such as an integrated touch-screen computer, swivel seating on floor rails, space-saving bespoke storage, and LED lighting in the ceiling.

Nissan Energy ROAM builds on prototype portable power technology seen on the Nissan Navara Dark Sky and Nissan Navara EnGuard concepts. It is yet another practical example of Nissan Intelligent Mobility and how Nissan is seeking to apply its battery technology and EV expertise to entirely new business areas.

Designed for both professional and leisure use, Nissan Energy ROAM offers a clean, sustainable solution for customers needing electricity on the go. It will launch in European markets in spring 2019.

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