Wednesday, January 9, 2019

LTO Mandated Temporary Plates Needed for Registration Renewal

Is your car’s registration due to be renewed soon? Are you unlucky enough that you still don’t have your permanent plate number yet? Well, the LTO has a reminder for you: follow the uniform temporary plate number design or else your car won’t be allowed for registration.

The LTO issued this reminder addressed to all Private Emission Testing Centers or PETCs regarding their questions specifically on how to deal with “virtual plates” or cars with issued permanent license plate numbers, but don’t have their physical license plates yet.

Under this directive, the LTO says that no certification or verification is required from the motor vehicle or motorcycle owner as long as the copy of the OR/CR is presented and the improvised plate follows the uniform temporary number plate design.

You can check the full details of the mandated temporary plate/virtual plate design here. But in gist, the uniform temporary number plate design outlines several requirements such as material, font size, and information displayed.


  1. Why? May OR/CR naman, and they can check the car for the ID numbers.

    Well at least consistent sila for always failing to make sense, and allowing the public to suffer from their blunders.

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  2. Surplus unit still in temporary plate, how to check if it can be still registerd...

  3. Sir tanong lang po. Car brand new aquired january 2017,this january 2020 exactly 3yrs do I have to renew registration this month even my plate numberlast is 7?


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