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June 11, 2020

Struggling Behind the Wheel After the Lockdown? You're Not Alone

Have you found yourself struggling behind the wheel after the lockdown? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

A good 18 percent of U.K.-based motorists said they’ve found it difficult to drive once again.

Of those who have struggled to adjust back to the road, 28 percent had stalled their car, 21 percent had scraped their wheels on the curb, and 21 percent forgotten to use their signal lights.

Four in ten motorists said they hadn’t visited a filling station over the past 28 days, with 12 percent admitting that had forgotten which side or end they fill up their car.

The survey, carried out by Hyundai, also revealed almost half (48 percent) of motorists are concerned that the driving will be worse now restrictions have started to be lifted.

Top 10 errors made by drivers since lockdown
  1. Stalled
  2. Struggled to parallel park
  3. Forgot to indicate or signal
  4. Scraped wheels on curb
  5. Had to think carefully about what each pedal does
  6. Not checking mirrors when pulling away
  7. Forgot where the filler cap was
  8. Forgot to turn the ignition key
  9. Not shut the door properly
  10. Not put their seatbelt on

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