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February 2, 2021

Google Android to Power Ford's Infotainment Systems Starting 2023

After trying out Microsoft and BlackBerry’s QNX, Ford has announced that beginning 2023, Ford vehicles will use Google’s Android system globally.

The collaboration between Ford and Google aims to make drives safer and less distracting. From the get-go, the Android operating system will have Google apps and services built-in including Google Maps (as the primary navigation system), Google Assistant (as the voice command system), and Google Play (as the provider of multimedia apps and services).

It will also allowed Ford vehicles to harness OTA or Over-the-Air updates.

Ford’s strategic partnership with Google goes beyond the infotainment system too. Google Cloud will serve as the carmaker’s preferred cloud provider.

In addition, the two companies will also form a new collaborative group called Team Upshift. It aims for a more personalized consumer experience and other data-driven opportunities. This may include projects ranging from developing new retail experiences when buying a vehicle, creating new ownership offers based on data, and more.

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