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April 2, 2021

Honda Says the All-New HR-V is What Its Customers Want

Just as they did with the Jazz / Fit, Honda is putting consumer attitudes front and center with their all-new HR-V. With that, they’ve changed their overall approach to create a compact crossover that’s human-centric.

Honda’s research found that modern consumers choose products not only on the basis of competent performance or appealing aesthetics, but also how well it integrates with their lives and whether the product fulfills their exact requirements.

Following this, Honda designers focused on enabling active lifestyles throughout every stage of the HR-V’s development. Their objective was simple: widen the possibilities of what customers can do, and have the car to support them every step of the way.

Honda Large Project Leader, Kojiro Okabe said: “When developing the HR-V we carried out group discussions with people of varying backgrounds, from many fields of expertise, and across all ages and genders. Building the car from scratch, the HR-V adds elements which bring fun and joy to all passengers. We aimed to augment, not repress people’s opinions or individuality and create a car that enabled all people to enjoy their lifestyles.”

The design itself reflects clean simplicity. This can be seen in how the unique body-colored upper grille and headlights all blend seamlessly. The same can be said with how the tailgate handle, rear camera, and license plate lights are all integrated into one unit, positioned in a way to make it easier to open and load/unload bulky items. The windows are also designed to bring in as much light as possible.

Inside, the HR-V’s L-shaped air vents serve a very unique purpose. According to Honda, it addresses the shortcomings of traditional vent configurations by directing a stream of air along the side windows and front windshield to the roof, creating a vortex beside and above occupants.

Moreover, the positioning of the interior controls is also taken into consideration. The uncluttered layout adds to a sense of calm, while the instantly recognizable controls allow for safe and intuitive operation.

The rear seats have been given an additional recline compared to the previous generation HR-V increasing passenger comfort and space. And although its dimensions are similar to the previous model, it does offer greater leg and shoulder room than ever.

To maintain clever packaging and a low boot floor height, Honda engineers carefully configured the versatility of the fully flat cargo space and seat arrangement to enable the easy loading of a wide variety of luggage, bicycles and other sports and lifestyle-related equipment.

Honda Large Project Leader, Kojiro Okabe, added: “We designed the all-new hybrid HR-V to reflect the exacting values and needs of modern consumers and appeal to a new generation of car owners. They demand purpose and innovation from the products they interact with. By cleverly applying Honda’s latest technologies and design ethos, we have created a car that will provide the spaciousness, connectivity, reliability and versatility required to fully support and enhance their everyday lives.”

Are you excited for the all-new Honda HR-V?


  1. its a modern station wagon

  2. Damn I never saw this coming. They copied the front of a Mazda.


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