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April 4, 2021

WRC to Move to Hybrid Power by 2022

The World Rally Championship (WRC) will undergo a major change in 2022 as its top tier cars move on to a drivetrain powered by a mix of an electric motor and an internal combustion engine.

So far, three car manufacturers—Hyundai, M-Sport Ford, and Toyota have pledged their commitment for the 2022-2024 seasons after hybrid technology was given the green light by the World Motor Sport Council.

The technology was done in close collaboration between the car manufacturers, the WRC, and the FIA. Meanwhile, the development costs for the new technology will be equally shared by the car manufacturers and the FIA.

The series will introduce a 135 horsepower, 180 Nm of torque electric motor and a 3.9-kWh battery to supplement the internal combustion engine. While carmakers will use their own gasoline engines, the plug-in hybrid system will be supplied by German company Compact Dynamics.

Currently, the WRC says the electric motor will be used primarily in transition between stages, but they are looking to use them in selected rally stages. When deployed, the electric motor will boost a rally car’s output to around 500 horsepower.

To ensure increased stability and better long-term planning opportunities, the FIA is introducing a three-year championship commitment for manufacturers in place of single-year agreements.

From 2022, a new system will be introduced to the series, with the three current manufacturers and the FIA each owning one of four licenses.

Hyundai has officially announced that they will be fielding in a new challenger based on the i20 N (see accompanying photos). Neither M-Sport Ford nor Toyota Gazoo Racing has confirmed which model they will use.

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