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June 11, 2021

For P 1.69M, You Can Fit A Nissan LEAF's Powertrain Into A Classic Mini

If the styling or tech of the Nissan Leaf isn’t to your liking, there’s one company that can put all that Japanese running gear into something with more street cred: the classic Mini.

London Electric Cars or LEC can convert the classic Alec Issigonis-designed Mini to run on electric power for just £25,000 or around P 1.692 million.

For as long as you provide a donor Mini, the company throws out the gasoline engine and gearbox and puts in a Nissan Leaf’s electric motor and batteries. The conversion includes a small battery—20 kWh versus the Leaf’s original 24 kWh, and this drops the range to just about 100 kilometers. However, it can also be optioned with a larger battery and/or more powerful motor at additional cost, of course.

Once the Mini gets its EV powertrain, it can use both high-speed rapid chargers, or a normal domestic socket (13-amps required though).

According to LEC, the decision to use pre-owned Leaf motors and batteries for conversion is down to sustainability. They did their research and found out that considering the full lifecycle impact of the conversion (and not just the powerplant itself), it’s a more sustainable solution than mining and creating materials for a brand-new EV powertrain.

With the UK’s announcement of the world’s most ambitious climate change target of a 78 percent CO2 reduction by 2035, it is clear that combustion engines will soon be a thing of the past. LEC offers an affordable conversion that keeps these British classic cars on the road. The vehicle becomes fast and clean whilst maintaining the originality and appeal that customers love about a classic car.

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