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June 3, 2021

Will You Drive This Sh*t-Powered Hyundai Kona?

That big sticker on the side says it all: this Hyundai Kona Electric is running on electricity generated from human waste.

Pardon those reading this story while having lunch or a snack, but ultimately, this answers one of the biggest conundrums surrounding EVs. Critics often point out that while EVs have zero tailpipe emissions, if the electricity stored in their batteries is generated by unclean means such as coal-fired powerplants, then the switch to EVs would be all for naught.

That’s why Urban Utilities from Queensland, Australia might be on to something. Urban Utilities delivers drinking water and manages sewerage systems (think Manila Water or Maynilad), and with that, they deal with tons of shit per day, literally. That’s why, they’re now thinking of ways to convert all that human waste to generate greener electricity.

This is where their Poo Car 2.0—or S-poo-V comes in. This stock Hyundai Kona runs on electricity generated from human waste via biogas. Biogas, essentially a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide is fed into a giant “engine” that generates a greener source of electricity.

That electricity, Urban Utilities say is already used to power their sewage treatment plans, so powering the Kona Electric seemed like the perfect PR. If you’re really curious, they said a full charge requires the daily flushes of about 1,000 people. This gives the Kona Electric a 450-kilometer range, and don’t worry, it doesn’t smell at all.

If more utility companies create electricity using biogas, the future isn’t just electric. It’s shit, too, literally.

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