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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Counterfeit Parts Boomed Last Year

As the pandemic pushed more car owners to rely on online stores and retailers for parts, this has created a growing problem: fake and counterfeit parts.

Last year, in Australia alone, Mercedes-Benz saw 1.7 million counterfeit parts confiscated by authorities. Moreover, in over 550 raids, the volume of seizures with online vendors of counterfeit parts tripled compared to pre-pandemic figures.

This has car makers concerned that motorists do not understand the risks that can come with using counterfeit parts.

More recent counterfeit parts discovered by authorities include spark plugs which can cause massive engine damage. Others include strut spacers which weren’t made by the carmaker (see lead photo), oil filters that don’t filter oil, wheels that shatter in low-speed pothole impact, and in one case, brake pads that were made of compressed grass clippings.

Car manufacturers spend years developing quality parts to the highest standards, inline with all relevant design and safety rules. They are proven and tested. This is why it’s always important to buy parts from trusted and reputable sources, be it online or through traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

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