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September 22, 2021

Pasig River Expressway To Have Bus Rapid Transit System

The approved Pasig River Expressway or PAREX will improve the lives of not just private car owners, but those taking public transportation as well.

Building up on an earlier announcement by San Miguel Corporation, PAREX will be part of its Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. Also planned for the Skyway, the BRT will provide commuters a faster, more convenient, and reliable transportation to different points in Metro Manila.

“The BRT system has always been one of our long-term plans for our elevated expressways. This will allow even more Filipinos to use and benefit from our new elevated expressways, and significantly reduce traffic on our public roads,” said Ramon S. Ang, president of San Miguel Corporation.

With the PAREX offering both a faster way to drive or commute around Metro Manila, Ang said that the project can fulfill one of its major environmental goals—that of lowering the amount of harmful emissions released into the air when vehicles are stuck for hours in heavy traffic.

“Just imagine the amount of vehicle pollution we will avoid if trips that usually take two-to-three hours—including long stretches where cars are just idling in traffic—will take only 30 minutes. Also, with a BRT system, many vehicle owners will no longer find the need to drive their own cars, further lessening pollution,” Ang said.

“We can anticipate a future where perhaps many vehicles are electric. But regardless of what vehicles run on, expressways can adapt and serve their purpose of decongesting traffic, and making private and public transport more efficient. Combined with other ongoing road and rail projects, PAREX will enable us to keep up with the demands of economic development, population growth and the need to protect the environment," he added.

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