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September 16, 2021

Porsche PH Unveils Country's First Ultra-Fast DC Charger

As Porsche Philippines continues to pioneer electric-powered mobility in the country through the Porsche Taycan, Porsche’s first fully electric model, the company is leading efforts meant to pave the way for the wider adoption of electric vehicles in the domestic market.

Forming a significant part of the initiative is the installation of a new high-powered DC charger for electric vehicles, the first of such type in the country, at Porsche Center Philippines in EDSA Greenhills. The high-powered DC charger is identical to chargers used by Porsche in other markets worldwide, and allows a Taycan to charge in just under 30 minutes.

“With the Porsche Taycan, we are proving that electromobility is sustainable in the Philippines. We are taking the lead in this area to open possibilities for future partners and stakeholders so the technology can be adopted more widely by progressive consumers. Fully electric cars are not mere concept vehicles as proven by not a few of our forward-thinking customers who regularly drive their Taycan on the country’s roads,” said Roberto Coyiuto III, Porsche Philippines President and CEO.

Taycan owners who bought their cars from Porsche Center Philippines get exclusive and free use of the high-powered DC charger. After booking an appointment, they can simply drive through the facility to charge their car. Taycan specialists at Porsche Center Philippines are always on hand to assist customers.

The new high-powered DC charger presents Taycan owners an added option for their charging requirements by complementing the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect that comes as a standard equipment in every Taycan. In contrast to the new DC charger, the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect uses alternating current (AC), and functions as a simple and convenient home-charging solution that allows Taycan owners to charge their car overnight.

Combined with the standard Porsche Mobile Charger Connect, the new high-powered DC charger guarantees Taycan owners access to charging solutions at home and on the road.

The ongoing installation of advanced charging facilities in key local destinations is in line with Porsche Philippines’ continuous efforts at building the necessary ecosystem supporting the Taycan’s operation in the country. Porsche Philippines has to date invested more than P 150 million not only for charging solutions, but also for acquiring original Porsche and other manufacturer-approved equipment, tools and software specific for servicing electric vehicles, stocking an inventory of genuine Taycan parts, as well as the construction of other infrastructure.

“Besides these outlays, Porsche Philippines has also invested in training our personnel, which was conducted by Porsche AG, so they are properly equipped to service electric vehicles like the Taycan. They are certified as Gold-level technicians, the highest awarded by the factory,” Coyiuto III assured.

Porsche is currently the only global brand, whether mass-market or premium, to sell in any relevant number a fully electric-powered car in the Philippines.

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