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September 22, 2021

Lotus Previews New EV Platform

Just weeks after Lotus confirmed it will be launching a new family of EV performance cars, it has given more detail to the new lightweight chassis technology that will underpin the range.

Developed through Project LEVA (Lightweight Electric Vehicle Architecture), this is the blueprint for the company’s next generation of electric vehicles.

The platform itself is versatile with variable layouts, wheelbase lengths, battery sizes, and configurations.

At its smallest—for the two-seater configuration, it has a 2,470 mm wheelbase, while at its biggest, for the 2+2, the wheelbase grows to 2,650 mm. In terms of power, it ranges from a single-motor 350-kW (476 horsepower) and up to a twin-motor 650-kW (884 horsepower).

The Project LEVA can accommodate two types of battery layouts as well. The first is a “chest” layout in that the modules are stacked vertically behind the two seats. This “mid-mounted power pack” is perfect for sportscars in that they provide for low ride height and low center of gravity. It can also be configured in a “slab” layout where the modules are integrated horizontally under the cabin. This is perfect for vehicles with a higher ride height and a taller profile.

Aside from battery pack flexibility, the new platform is built using cold cure, spot bonding, and advanced weld processes meant to reduce environmental impact, and of course, reduced weight. Its rear structure is up to 37 percent lighter than the Emira V6, for example.

Lotus says the Project LEVA platform will be used for its electric sportscar launching in 2026. It will be on offer to third-party clients through Lotus Engineering too.

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