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September 21, 2021

Should Toyota PH Transform Its Yaris Hatchback Into A Sub-Compact SUV Instead?

Next to its sedan sibling, the Vios, the Yaris hasn’t really reached mainstream success here in the Philippines. With that, could Toyota Motor Philippines turn their attention and transform their sub-compact hatchback to a sub-compact SUV instead?

That’s already what’s happening in Thailand with the launch of the newest Yaris variant: the Yaris X-Urban. As the newest variant to the Yaris line-up, the Yaris X-Urban appeals to buyers who probably want a bit more ride height and SUV-like styling to their hatchback.

Like its sedan counterpart, the Yaris Ativ, it gets the new front fascia for 2022. For added differentiation though, the horizontal slat design has been altered to a honeycomb one.

From there, Toyota added a two-tone exterior color scheme along with cladding on the wheel arches and side skirts. The front and rear bumpers have also been tweaked with appear to be overrider style cues, while unique machine-cut 16-inch alloy wheels complete the changes.

The Yaris X-Urban’s ground clearance is up by a staggering 30 mm (165 mm all in all) making it comparable to other sub-compact SUVs. Other than the added ride height, no other mechanical changes have been made.

Inside, the Yaris X-Urban also adds red-colored trim to the steering wheel, while the seats become a two-tone affair with some nifty “X” prints put in for good measure. It also adds a 4.2-inch TFT display in gauge cluster and rear USB charging ports.

As for the price, well, the Yaris X-Urban adds around 44,600 Thai Baht or around P 67,000 to the Yaris’ price tag. With the revamped Yaris already costing P 1.114 million, if Toyota does decide to bring this SUV-styled version here, expect the prices to jump to close to P 1.190 million. That makes it more considerably expensive than the City RS Hatchback, but then again, buyers may be tempted by the SUV-like packaging.


  1. There is such a thing called a "Yaris Cross" overseas.

    1. Yes, there is one:

      But it's looking like a Euro/Japan model only...just like their Yaris (save for the GR Yaris).

    2. Taiwan has this version of Yaris as Yaris Crossover introduced in 2019

  2. Staggering 30mm?! That's ONLY 1.1 INCHes.

    1. That's close to 30 percent...that's huge. Remember, this ain't a body-on-frame's a freakin' hatchback LOL.

  3. What abou the Toyota Raize? It's already being sold in Indonesia.


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