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September 30, 2021

Guy Lives Out Fantasy Playing With Tonka Trucks Thanks To The Maxus T60

Adrian Tecson believes he has found a way to rekindle his childhood memories with the Maxus T60. Tecson, who runs a content production and creative consultancy group during the weekdays, engages in various sports and outdoor activities on the weekends. 

Chief among them is off-roading, and it’s something he’s been able to do with his self-proclaimed Tonka truck—the T60.

Bought just over a month ago, Tecson has transformed it into a toy truck allowing him to play his childhood dreams in a larger-than-life setting. “The T60’s power has been impressive. It’s a dependable beast, which is actually why I've given it the name ‘Tonka’, after the indestructible toy trucks during the 80s,” Adrian gushes.

Whereas, when he was little, Adrian must have pushed his Tonka toys to their limits in his playground or backyard, this T60 “Tonka” feels just as home in its own big sandbox. “I've used this beast to do some light trailing, having crossed muddy terrains and river crossings without any problems,” Adrian reveals. But now, instead using his hands to propel his toy trucks, this Tonka powers to life with its 2.8-liter diesel engine with 150 horsepower and 360 Nm of torque.

“That’s enough power for Tonka to be a true workhorse—carry heavy loads such as plywood boards, bags of cement, even generators in its truck bed that’s bigger than most,” Adrian says. That sort of power also fulfills his non-negotiables—a 4x4 that can keep up with his activities and be dependable in any situation.

All that power is packed into a big body, without sacrificing creature comforts. Adrian says he uses Tonka for long drives with his family too. “The T60 offers great legroom for my passengers, and it even has phone connectivity integrated in the beautifully designed dashboard. This always brings a smile on my face whenever I step in and drive Tonka,” Adrian narrates. “The keyless entry, 10-inch infotainment system and electronic seat adjustments are also big pluses for me, and definitely most appreciated,” Adrian adds.

Adrian relates that when he was in the market for a new vehicle, other “toys” were competing for his attention. It was the Maxus T60 and the dealership’s personalized brand of service that eventually won him over, he stresses. “Because of the current pandemic, the cost and practicality of the vehicle I was about to purchase was the main consideration. I was very happy with how the Maxus dealership was very accommodating and had me try the T60 for a couple of days. When I used it in real world situations, not once did I feel that I was driving a truck that was priced 30 percent lower than its other counterparts. This was the deciding factor, being practical didn't have to mean sacrificing the features which I have been looking for in a truck.”

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