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September 21, 2021

5 Takeaways From Ford's Virtual Driving Skills For Life

The “new normal,” as this pandemic life has come to be called, has thrown most of the world off-balance. Many of us have learned to cope in our own ways and that includes making adjustments to our daily routine. The habits that we once knew and practiced have made way to methods that are supposed to make life as we know it, safer. Add to that having had less time behind the wheel and on the road.

For motoring enthusiasts who find solace in long drives, let’s admit that despite the belief in muscle memory simply kicking back in once you’re behind the wheel, we find our skills to have gone a teeny bit rusty at the onset. Suddenly, it’s both a strange and familiar world being back inside a car cabin. That’s what makes the 13th edition of Ford’s Driving Skills For Life (DSFL) program so timely this year. Apart from what may seem to be already familiar to seasoned drivers, Ford has updated the program to include reminders and tips that are so important to the situation that we find ourselves in today.

This is particularly significant for new drivers or those who are keen in understanding how technical know-how goes hand-in-hand with practical experience on the road. Knowing these by heart and knowing how to apply them may spell the difference between getting home in one piece or figuring in an unfortunate accident.

For this first-time attendee, here are five takeaways that you can expect from the Driving Skills For Life program.

#1. Car maintenance is not just on the surface level

Driving a car is similar to owning a car. It is a big responsibility and we’re not just talking about getting from point A to B without a scratch. Part of being a safe driver is making sure that you vehicle is in tip-top condition from the inside-out and before you even leave your garage. The DSFL program will take you through what you need to look out for on the daily and what should be on your basic regular maintenance checklist.

#2. Defense is (always) better than offense

Basketball fanatics will understand this and it applies as much on the road as it does on the court. While we would like to believe that our fellow motorists have our best interests at heart, this is not always the case. In addition, you don’t know what they are thinking and vice-versa. A rule of thumb to keeping safe and accident-free is to never assume that the driver next to you will react in the same way as you will. Act on the defensive and keep your distance.
#3. Know how to read signs

Traffic and road signs are there for a reason — to guide and to be followed at all times. These signs exist to keep order on the road and ensure smooth traffic flow. While most may not be perfect, not following them is only adding to the problem. Before getting on the road, make sure that you are familiar with what the basics mean.

#4. Know when to use your lights

It is always a debate on when you should be using your hazard lights and this will be discussed at length in the DSFL sessions—along with other tips on when and how exactly your vehicle signals should be used. Remember that your lights are your way of communicating with other motorists without having to say a word. Use them incorrectly and that is how many a road accidents end up happening.

#5. Practice proper hygiene

COVID is here to stay and being safe on the road means being safe however you can be. This include ensuring that your car is kept clean and sanitized before and after you use it.

The Driving Skills For Life program also covers pertinent topics, such as best practices on how to react to sudden obstacles on the road, how to safely steer and brake during unforeseen weather-induced conditions, and also how to effectively use the technology that is available in your vehicle.

This year’s virtual program will be facilitated by Ford’s long-time training partner, Tuason Racing School, one of the best in producing some of the country’s premier racing drivers. The DSFL was established in the United States and has since trained over 26,000 since it launched in the Philippines, continuously evolving and updating its courses to keep up with the changing road conditions, safety policies, and government regulations.

To learn more about this year’s Driving Skills For Life, visit the Ford Philippines’ Facebook page for updates.

Words and Photos by Gen Tiu.

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