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September 29, 2021

Geely To Make High-End Smartphones

Realizing that smartphones will play an increasing role in automobiles, Geely is now poised to start making them.

Hubei Xingji Shidai Technology Co. Ltd (Xingji Shidai), also founded by Geely Holding Group Chairman Eric Li will establish its headquarters in Wuhan to focus its resources on “developing premium smart devices including smartphones to global consumers.”

Geely believes that with their experience in design, R&D, smart manufacturing, and software development, they have what it takes to compete in the smartphone industry, particularly for higher-end and smarter devices. The move makes them the first established automaker to commit to selling smartphones as smartphone manufacturers are venturing into electric vehicles.

“Mobile phones and devices have quickly evolved into mobile terminals and application platforms which not only allow users to enjoy the fruits of innovation in the quickest manner possible, they also act as a pathway to greater automotive applications. There is a close connection in technologies within intelligent vehicle cockpits and smartphone software technologies. The major trend in the coming future is to create user ecosystems across borders and provide users with a more convenient, smarter, and seamlessly connected multi-screen experiences,” said Eric Li.

The target is to launch their first devices by 2023, and sell around 3 million units in its first year.

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