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September 10, 2021

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Buyers Could Wait 4 Years To Get Their SUV

If you’re one of the few who’d be getting your all-new Land Cruiser 300, good for you. If you’re just thinking of falling in line for one, expect a lengthy wait. How long? Maybe up to four years.

A report coming out of Australia’s CarsGuide (no, we’re not related) says the ongoing parts and chip shortage together with strong global demand for Toyota’s flagship SUV means the waiting time might test your patience.

From the report:
Toyota attracted some 20,000 orders, and had factored in—before the temporary plant closures—deliveries of just 5000 units.
That equation has some dealers warning that wait times for popular models could be two to three years, but with the new closures and the ongoing popularity of the vehicle, Japanese dealers are now suggesting wait times could stretch as long as four years for the ZX and GR Sport trims.
Those two trims alone are responsible for some 90 percent of orders in Japan.
It’s been reported before that the Japanese automaker had to cut their production volume by 40 percent in September, but the model most affected of all is the Land Cruiser 300. Now, Toyota says there’s no “obvious way to make the lost factory time.”

Australia, one of the biggest markets of the Land Cruiser, has already announced a delay in customer deliveries. That said, a limited number of units will make it down under as demonstrator models.

Here’s hoping that local Toyota dealerships don’t use this opportunity to gouge would-be Land Cruiser 300 buyers by forcing them to get in-house financing, accessories, or a combination of the two.

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