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November 5, 2021

Excited For The Refreshed 2022 Everest? Sorry, It's All A Mistake Says Ford Philippines

Yesterday, we caused a stir when we reported that Ford Philippines seemed to have all but confirmed the arrival of the refreshed Everest for 2022. Today, we can confirm that it’s all been a mistake, and it’s down to Ford Philippines’ web guys.

The photo in question is still up on Ford Philippines’ official website (update: it is now gone), but EJ Francisco, Ford AVP and Head of Communications clarified to us:
“A photo of the current Ford Everest model not offered in the Philippines [emphasis ours] was inadvertently used on our website. We are now working to replacing the photo to show the market-available model to avoid confusion to the public.”
Basically, what Ford Philippines is trying to say is that the refreshed Everest—the one with the mesh grille and the “EVEREST” lettering on the hood isn’t available for the Philippine market yet.

With that, we also asked on whether Ford will discontinue the Trend variant as indicated in their website’s digital brochure (who knows, that may be erroneous too), to which EJ replied: “There are still Everest Trend units being sold at Ford dealerships.”

That said, he will get back to us on whether Ford Philippines does intend to send the Everest Trend and its DuraTorq engine to the great parking lot in the sky. For now, it seems everything is status quo when it comes to Ford’s mid-sized SUV.


  1. "..inadvertently..." Yeah right. Ford sucks.

  2. Never again to ANC Ford. Super bad service and aftersales support.

  3. Screw ford for not updating everest


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