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September 7, 2022

Can These Tree-Shaped EV Chargers Convince You That Solar Power Can Look Great?

Pleasing aesthetics may not be the important reason to adopt more solar chargers, but it’s a reason nonetheless. That’s why one company has come up with the idea of the “solar tree” to offer a more visually pleasing way to sustainable energy, ideally for commercial use such as in office spaces and sports stadiums.

The SolarBotanic Tree is the product of five years of planning R&D and features 3D leaf-shaped photovoltaic cells to harness solar energy. Aside from emulating the aesthetics found in nature, it’s made of recycled material and can easily installed and can be customized to avoid utility cables both above and below ground.

While the first commercial version will be released in 2023, the company, which developed the tech with Co-Innovate, a business support program based in London, already has plans to further mimic trees. A future version of the so-called SolarBotanic Trees will be able to harness wind as a source of energy generation as well; and this could happen as early as 2025.

According to the company, the SolarBotanic Tree will also spawn a family of products, primarily aimed at the rapid EV charging market for homes, businesses, and commercial car parks, where solar power can be captured and stored for charging points. It will also encompass a sophisticated AI-driven energy storage and power management system (PMS), where trees can be linked and form part of a local grid, or feed into the main grid, essential to optimize an increasingly electrified future.

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  1. I believe they're more of selling their design. Better if they can come out with something such as wireless charging for EVs.


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